Costa Mesa Playhouse

The Costa Mesa Playhouse presents

Vampire Queen of Mars

by Michael Dale Brown

Directed by Michael Dale Brown

The Play

Mankind's first expedition to the planet Mars encounters a race of Amazon vampires with a thirst for human blood.

In this campy spoof of 1950's sci-fi B-movies like Cat Women of the Moon, Queen of Outer Space, and Rocketship X-M; Earth launches a manned rocket to Mars in response to mysterious distress signals and encounters a race of Amazon vampires led by the beautiful and evil Queen Voluptua.

A World Premiere from the author of Earthlings Beware!


October 19th - November 11th, 2018
Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00 pm.
Sunday afternoons at 2:00 pm.


The Costa Mesa Playhouse
661 Hamilton Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
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